Profile :
Born in 1961. Moved to France after graduating high school. Studied musicology, historical sociology and philosophy in Paris.
Active as a songwriter, producer and author based out of France.
Worked to promote the arts and culture over a broad variety of fields such as supporting M.O.F. (the Best Craftsmen in France) and including music creation for broadcasting agencies, company commercials, etc. and the planning and producing of all types of art events such as music, art, architecture, etc.
Returned to Japan in 2003. In charge of planning and creation of Ikuyo Nakamichi’s project “Classic Hajime no Ippo (First Step into Classical Music).” Achieved great success in holding “The Chopin Keyboard Mysteries,” which was planned in order to celebrate the 200th year anniversary since the birth of Chopin, in over ten cities throughout Japan including Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe and Fukuoka.
Appointed as executive director of the Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijo Shirakawa Hall in 2007. Highly esteemed for elevating the hall to the level of a world-class concert hall through high quality performance planning and hall management.
Became independent and established the Urahisa Toshihiko Office (Tokyo, Minato Ward) in 2014.
Authored “Franz Liszt wa Naze Onna-tachi wo Shisshin sasete no ka (Why did Franz Liszt make women swoon?)” (Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.)

As of May 2014

Turning unseen sounds into tangible emotions

The Urahisa Toshihiko Office is a music planning production office.
Music offices typically manage and produce performers, but offices that produce music planning are nearly non-existent within the world of classical music in Japan.
Performers are the so-called “raw material.” Superb planning and programing are essential for bringing out the full extent of the appeal of the raw material and impressing the audience.
This is an example of likening it to the relationship between “raw materials” and “food preparation.”
The Urahisa Toshihiko Office is not limited to only the classical genre. Together with a variety of performers, performance halls and businesses, we hope to turn unseen sounds into tangible emotions and deliver them to as many people as possible in order to create a better future for music culture.


Planning and creation

  • Concert planning, performance hall management, branding consultations, advice services
  • Drafting and creation of original plans for performers
  • Planning and creation of a variety of salon music events and concerts
  • Activities to popularize music culture such as regional revitalization programs, children’s concerts, etc.
  • Planning and holding of lecture concerts, culture seminars, etc.

Translation and editing of plans

  • Planning, creation and printing of concert pamphlets
  • Translation and editing of European language programs, music documents, etc.
  • Planning and editing of performance hall information magazines, original programs, etc.

Writings and lectures

  • Management of all of Toshihiko Urahisa’s writings, talks and lectures


Winner of the 2016 Japanese Booksellers’ Award / Film version scheduled for 2018
Walking through “a Forest of Sheep and Steel”

Performance: Natsu Miyashita (author), Miyuji Kaneko (pianist), Hiroshi Toyama (piano tuner), Toshihiko Urahisa (navigator) / Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Management: Japan Arts Co. Ltd.

■ Please feel free to inquire about performance fees and details.

Literature, piano, tuning
The Unknown World of “Sheep and Steel”

“A Forest of Sheep and Steel,” winner of the 2016 Japanese Booksellers’ Award, tells the story of a piano tuner and the world in which he lives in a warm literary style.
This event is a three-way discussion and piano recital featuring the author Natsu Miyashita, who wrote the book, the piano tuner Hiroshi Toyama, who has been in charge of tuning pianos of multiple stages both domestically and abroad, and the popular pianist Miyuji Kaneko, who is half Japanese and half Hungarian. Please enjoy a pleasant time learning about the relationship between music and the unknown world of “tuning.” The film version of the book is scheduled for release in 2018!

©Ayako Yamamoto

Maki Mori “Oto no Bijutsukan (Museum of Sound)” ~Italy: Journey to Beauty~

Performance: Maki Mori (soprano singer), Toshihiko Urahisa (navigator)/ Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Management: Japan Arts Co., Ltd.

Now this is a Banquet of Beauty!

This is the birth of a concert so stylish it’s like taking a trip through Italy.
This is a never before seen type of concert so stylish it’s like taking a trip through the world of Italian beauty!
Together with beautiful narration, Maki Mori, Japan’s most famous soprano, splendidly sings famous musical gems based on the stories surrounding a number of famous paintings as the paintings themselves are projected onto a giant screen.

©Yuji Hori

Izumi Tateno “Kokoro no Ongaku (Music of the Heart)”

Performance: Izumi Tateno (piano), Toshihiko Urahisa (navigator)/ Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Management: Japan Arts Co., Ltd.

A pianist spins the thread of life

Izumi Tateno now finally talks about his life and music.
The sounds of Izumi Tateno’s piano playing contain a gentleness that draws near your heart. In harsh reality, he collapsed on stage with the right side of his body now paralyzed, but he has risen again through sheer optimism and has returned as “The Left-handed Pianist!” Together with musical gems from “Hidarite no Bunko (Corpus of Music for the Left Hand),” a gift from songwriters around the world, we bring to all of you Izumi Tateno’s “Kokoro no Ongaku (Music of the Heart).”


“Hon to Watashi to Jazz na Yoru (Books, Me and a Jazzy Night)” Kaori Ekuni, Hiroki Morioka and Tetsuyuki Kishi

Performance: Kaori Ekuni (author), Hiroki Morioka (jazz piano), Tetsuyuki Kishi (bass) and Toshihiko Urahisa (navigator) / Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Sponsor: Philia Hall, Management: Musica Chiara Management, Ltd.

Talk and Concert Series 2016 starting at the Yokohama Philia Hall
A wonderful encounter between books and music.

At this Philia Talk & Concert, an author well versed in music and other spirited performers introduce the world of music that they love.
The author Kaori Ekuni talks about “jazz,” to which she is quite attached. Please enjoy a wonderful night listening to standard jazz songs selected by her and played by the masters Hiroki Morioka and Tetsuyuki Kishi.

Ginza Book Café Concert Vol. 1  Keiichiro Hirano and Kotaro Fukuma

Performance: Keiichiro Hirano (author) and Kotaro Fukuma (piano)/ Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Sponsor: Oji Hall, Management: Kyodo Tokyo Inc.

A gift to those who love Chopin
A new “daytime” concert starting at the Ginza Oji Hall

An author well versed in music and a spirited performer introduce the world of music that they love. The first in the Ginza Book Café Concert Series is “Watashi no Chopin (My Chopin)” presented by the author Keiichiro Hirano. He is accompanied on piano by the Kotaro Fukuma who has displayed remarkable activities on a global scale.
Please look forward to the program carefully selected by the author himself.


Janusz Olejniczak in Japan 2017

Performance: Janusz Olejniczak (piano) / Planning, creation and management: Urahisa Toshihiko Office

■ Period of visit to Japan: January ~ February 2017

The Polish virtuoso admired as the avatar of Chopin.
The deep emotion of the movie “The Pianist” makes a comeback.

Janusz Olejniczak is currently Poland’s most famous pianist and one of the best Chopin players in the world today.
He was appointed as the final selection judge for the “17th International Chopin Piano Competition” held in autumn 2015.
The Polish virtuoso admired as the avatar of Chopin once again takes Japan by storm in 2017!

Ikuyo Nakamichi’s keyboard virtuoso project

Performance: Ikuyo Nakamichi (piano and talking)/ Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Management: Japan Arts Co., Ltd.

A new age “3D concert” simultaneously integrating “listening,” “seeing” and “learning”!

In this project, Ikuyo Nakamichi, Japan’s most famous pianist, takes on piano music virtuosos in a never before seen 3D approach. The true-to-life conditions of the songwriters are recreated through realistic stories that make skillful use of historical records from the time and state of the art research.
Please look forward to Chopin’s “Keyboard Mysteries,” Beethoven’s “Keyboard Universe,” and Mozart’s “Keyboard Miracle.”

©Kiyotaka Saito

Franz Liszt Legendary Piano Recital Kiev 1847

Performance: Yoshihiro Kondo (piano) and Toshihiko Urahisa (speaking) / Planning and creation: Urahisa Toshihiko Office, Management: Million Concert Co., Ltd.

A historical repeat performance!
The keyboard wizard Liszt’s “legendary recital” now makes a comeback.

A special plan has been created by the popular pianist Yoshihiro Kondo to celebrate the 20th anniversary since his debut!
Franz Liszt, “the strongest pianist in history,” conquered 19th century Europe, and this is a repeat performance, faithful to the program at the time, of the recital Liszt performed in Kiev Russia on January 23rd, 1847. The “legendary recital” now makes a comeback!
This is the first plan of its kind in Japan.

“Franz Liszt wa Naze Onna-tachi wo Shisshin saseta no ka (Why did Franz Liszt make women swoon?)”

Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. [Shincho Small Paperback Series] / Toshihiko Urahisa: Author

Your view of music will completely change!
A portrait of “the history’s greatest pianist,” who conquered 19th century Europe.

Franz Liszt, considered “the world’s first pianist,” invented the style known as recitals, and he was the greatest ladies’ man in music history. His unapproachable technique and skill whipped Europe into a mania to the extent that women would faint one after another. The popularization of attending performances, the sudden rise of the piano industry, the mechanism of how scandals create stars – 19th century characteristics, which are still relevant today, are vividly represented. This book will completely change the way you view music.